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    The entire move Star Wars: A New Hope, as created by fans in 15 second segments and stitched together by Casey Pugh. Beautiful, awkward, hilarious, inspiring.

    Gingerbread AT-AT Walker

    Freeze Your Own Han Solo

    Chinese ‘Shopping Babies’ as Adidas wearing Star Wars characters (by Dorothy Tang).

    If at any time you come across a version of “The Book of Sith” and you feel compelled to read it, it is suggested that you read it in the presence of another Jedi who will not read it, and against whom you may contrast the points.

    The Book of Jedi compiled by Dogen Elohim Altieri

    These Jedi sound a bit like a new-age paranoid cult… but each to his or her own. :-P

    Valentine, I Know

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